Metode Pelvic Floor Muscle Training Dalam MenurunkanInkontinensia Urin Pada Lansia di Desa Darungan Kecamatan Pare Kabupaten Kediri

Didit Damayanti, Linda Ishariani


Elderly is a person aged 60 years and older. Elderly are aging or aging, so there is a change in the function of the organs one of urinary organs. Urinary organ function decline in elderly often is urinary incontinence. Methods pelvic floor muscle training or pelvic floor muscle exercises (Kegel) is a method of training the muscles of the pelvic floor can reduce incontinence in elderly. This study aims to reduce urinary incontinence in the elderly. This study is a preexperimental study using pretest and posttest with measurement of urinary incontinence and of interventions for pelvic floor muscle training methods. Training methods of pelvic floor muscle training in the elderly is given for 3 months to determine the effect of training. Respondents in this study were 30 elderly people. The statistical used Wilcoxon Test. The result showed the P-value 0,000 <α 0.05, which means there is influence of pelvic floor muscle training methods in reducing urinary incontinence the elderly in Desa Darungan kecamatan Pare Kabupaten Kediri. With pelvic floor exercises can strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor muscles pubocuccygeal mainly by training how to contract and relax the muscles of the pelvic floor. Suggested elderly can do this exercise to lower urinary incontinence.

Keyword : Pelvic Floor Muscle Training, Urinary incontinence, Elderly.

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