Analisa Faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Kejadian Partus Prematurus Pada Ibu Bersalin di Rumah Sakit Pura Raharja Surabaya

Ayu Citra Mayasari, Puji Hastuti, Dhini Widyaningsih


Partus prematurus is borned of babies before 37 weeks of gestation
complete. The combination of sociodemographic factors, infection factors, maternal, and genetic factors have an ieffect to occurrence of partus prematurus. The purpose of this study was to determine the factors that influence the incidence premature parturition. The design research was using observational analytic with correlational and with cross-sectional approach. Engineering samples using non-probability sampling with a sample of 40 respondents partus prematurus of
Pura Raharja Surabaya. The independent variables is the factors that affected and dependent variable is incident partus prematurus. This research instrument used observation and quisoner. Analyzed of data was using Chi-Square test with significance level ρ <0:05. The research result, showed 14 respondents extremely preterm, 14 preterm and 12 respondents very preterm. Factors of fetal membrane rupture of 18 respondents. Test statistical test showed ρ = 0.41. Factors of abnormalities during pregnanc,16 respondent anemia, 10 respondent hidramnion and 6 respondent fetal congenital abnormalities. Test statistical test showed ρ = 0.34. Factors of stressful, 33 respondent high stress, 4 respondent low stress and 3 respondent secondary stress. Test statistical test showed ρ = 0.003. Factors sexual activity 9 respondent active do sexual activity. Test statistical test showed ρ = 0.043. It can be concluded that the factor of fetal membran ruptured, condition during pregnancy, stress and sexual activity affects the incidence prematurus parturition.The implication of this research is to provide knowledge for the nursing profession to giving care routinely of antenatal care the pregnant women so prevent a possible incident of partus prematurus.

Keywords : Sexual Activity, Anemia, Congenital Fetal Abnormalities, Condition During Pregnancy, Partus Prematurus, Stress

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