Hubungan Antara Aktifitas Fisik Dengan Obesitas Pada Anak Usia Sekolah 7-12 Tahun di SD Kristen Petra Jombang Kecamatan Jombang Kabupaten Jombang

Hanna Izzati, Rodiyah [-], Rini Hayu Lestari


Obesity becomes a serious problem in the developing country. 73,8% Obesity on a child who the school is happened because of less activity and fast food consume habitually. it can make a bad impact on his health. This study aims to determine the relationship of physical activity with obesity in children of 7-12 years in Petra Christian elementary school Jombang. The design was analytic correlation with retrospective approach. The
population was all children (7-12 years) at Petra Christian elementary Jombang, Jombang sub-district Jombang District as many as 168 children. The sample size was 42 respondents. with proportional stratified random sampling. The independent variable was a physical activity with PAQ-C (Physical Activity Questionnaire for Children) questionnaire and the dependent variable is obesity with observation method and used chi-square test with α = 0.05. The results showed that most respondents are less physical activity as many as 26 people (61.9%). a child who has obesity was got as many as 31 people (73.8). The results of the chi-square test found ρ = 0,000 and ɑ = 0,05. Because of ρ < ɑ there is a relationship of physical activity with obesity in children aged 7-12 years with very poor correlation. A child with school age who has obesity was influenced by physical activity factor besides on it obesity was also influenced by the excessive of eating habitually. The parent was better to pay attention to child eating pattern with decrease energy intake and increase physical activity, modification of lifestyle and also mental of
a child.

Keywords: Physical Activity, Obesity, School Age Children

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