Analisis FAktor Yang Mempengaruhi Kepatuhan Ibu Dalam Melaksanakan Imunisasi di Posyandu Sehat Gading Tambaksari Surabaya

Nur Chabibah, Puji Hastuti, Monica Handayani


Immunization is important for infants and children to increase theirs
immune, and decrease sickness number also children’s healthy. Phenomena is mother rarely visited Posyandu to immunize their children. Purpose of this study to analyze the factors that influence mothers' constancy to do immunization in Posyandu. Design of this study used observational analytic with cross sectional approach. Population in this study are mothers with 58 children aged 0-5
years.Samplingtechniqueusingpurposive sampling of 50 respondents. The independent variables are thefactorsthateffect the mother, and thedependentvariablesis the level of constancy. Data were collected by questionnaire in demographics data and knowledge level also mother’s behavior, and observation sheet in KMS’s book to assess the level of constancy andanalyzedwithchi-square test.Resultsshownthatthelevel of knowledge of the factors did not affect compliance with p=0.721 Results obtained from other factors do not affect educational factors p=0.428 compliance with the attitude factor does not affect compliance with p=0.721 age factor does not affect compliance with p=0.751 From several factors in the test, the trust factor affecting compliance with p=0.033 (p< alfa = 0.05). The implication of this research is the trust factor influencing compliance in implementing immunization mother, so that we as nurses give an advice for local religion speecher and provide health education to mothers so that mothers better understand the importance of immunization for children.

Keywords : Immunization, Constancy

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