Analisis Faktor Predisposisi dan Kejadian Premenopause Terhadap Tingkat Stress Pada Ibu Usia 40-55 Tahun di Komunitas Ibu PKK RW 15 Kelurahan Putat Jaya Surabaya

Muh Zul Azhri Rustam, Astrida Budiarti, Eka Putri Citra


Pre-menopause is the times where body begin transitioned to menopause. The review of women psychological in climaxterium occurred
physical, sexual, social and psychological disorders. This differences influenced by mild and severe of the stress itself experienced by the women in confronting and overcoming climaxterium as physiology incidences by every mother. The purpose of this research to recognize correlation of pre-menopause on 40-45 years old stress women in PKK Community RW 15 Kelurahan Putat Jaya Surabaya. This research used cross-sectional research design. The population is women in the range 40-45 years old in PKK community RW 15 Kelurahan Putat Jaya Surabaya a number of 52 mothers. Sample technique used simple random sampling number of 46 mother’s. Independent variable in this research are premenopause incidence and the dependent variable is stress level. Data collecting use questionnaire and analyzed with Chi-Square with significance level α  0.05. The result of research from premenopause correlation on stress level is r = 0.006, that means there is a correlation between premenopause on stress level. The conclusion of this research was premenopause incidences correlated with the mother’s stress level. From this research, knowledge about premenopause mother is expected to be upgraded and might be used to lower the stress level and increased the coping of mother to face premenopause phase.

Keywords: Predisposing, Level Stress, Premenopause, Mother PKK

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